Turning your ideas into action for a better world - fill in our survey

Compass Youth aims to build and facilitate a dynamic and vibrant network that campaigns for greater equality and democracy and nurtures progressive values across society.

We recognise the need to engage the next generation in being the actors of that change. We feel it is time to engage in distinctive and influential ways to shape our future.

We want to make connections that will keep us in touch with the most dynamic and innovative ideas and campaigns, but also enhance our mutual understanding between the Labour party and the wider progressive movement. Please fill in the survey here so we can find out about...

your skills, your interests

We want to unlock your skills and interests to develop the ideas for a more equal and democratic society and campaign to ensure they become reality.

This could be about identifying opportunities, developing ideas or organising for action. It could be helping produce campaigning toolkits, making videos, or even speaking at seminars.

your community, your activities

We will connect you with other members where you are, so you can get involved in local activities together and help develop Compass Youth where you are.

That could be in your region, university or even community group. It could be sharing advice and ideas about how to become a youth officer or student/trade union rep or even a councillor.

your ideas, your activities

We will provide the space for innovative ideas that influence government and practical solutions for our communities, and enable you to meet other members and shape what we do in the areas you are interested in.

This could be bringing an issue network together to build a campaign, working with other organisations on an issue or developing a manifesto for youth.

your voice, your compass youth

We want you to help us track emerging issues and unmet needs for young people and build campaigns around them. So if there's an issue or an activity we've forgotten about or an interesting campaign which is looking for support, then we'd love to hear from you.

Please click here to complete this survey so we can enable you to turn your ideas into action for a better world.