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What is European political engagement today?

What is European political engagement today?

Why is it vital for young people throughout Europe to engage in European politics?

How can young activists throughout Europe collaborate?

To coincide with the launch of a new program of events and manifestations leading up to the London Festival of Europe 2008 and with the launch of the free European monthly journal Europa, European Alternatives calls a youth summit to discuss methods and means of European engagement, to promote student activism and youth collaboration.

This call is addressed to student activists and young Europeans throughout the UK, who will be joined by selected international invitees.

When? 3pm – 6pm, Saturday 3rd November 2007

Where? University College, London - WILKINS JEREMY BENTHAM ROOM

Register by e-mailing

Agenda of the summit

3 – 3.40: Introductory presentations; Niccolo Milanese and Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives) and Matteo Saccani (Terra del Fuoco, Turin)

3.40 – 5.30: Chaired Discussion; Themes:

The state of pro-Europeanism in the UK: future possibilities

An overview of the current situation in the UK, with reference both to the Reform Treaty and the prospect of a UK referendum, and, most importantly, the longer-term possibilities of European engagement in the UK.

What is the situation across the EU?

Brief 5-mins presentations from invited EU participants on the reality in their country followed by discussion

An overview of the overall situation across the Union. Again, both for what concerns “institutional” responses to the integration process, and “grassroots” sentiments towards the European ideal. How is “Europe” perceived in the different European countries? How is this different from the perception in the UK?

From the Europe of finance to the Europe of politics

Brief presentation by Lorenzo Marsili followed by discussion

So far European economic integration has amply preceded political integration, understood as both the pooling of national political decision-making and the creation of a truly active and pan-European citizenry. This has led to many complaints against the EU being a mere neoliberal inevitability or a seat of “technocratic” decision-making distant from its citizens. But what would it mean to invest Europe with political meaning, both at the institutional level and at that of grassroots political engagement?

How can we all collaborate?

Based on our discussion and one the personal and professional experiences of the invited participants, can we work on an initial joint initiative? The work regularly carried out by European Alternatives, and the monthly journal EUROPA, will here offer a possible seat of common involvement.

Alternatively, might this be genuine European engagement?

Turning your ideas into action for a better world - fill in our survey

Compass Youth aims to build and facilitate a dynamic and vibrant network that campaigns for greater equality and democracy and nurtures progressive values across society.

We recognise the need to engage the next generation in being the actors of that change. We feel it is time to engage in distinctive and influential ways to shape our future.

We want to make connections that will keep us in touch with the most dynamic and innovative ideas and campaigns, but also enhance our mutual understanding between the Labour party and the wider progressive movement. Please fill in the survey here so we can find out about...

your skills, your interests

We want to unlock your skills and interests to develop the ideas for a more equal and democratic society and campaign to ensure they become reality.

This could be about identifying opportunities, developing ideas or organising for action. It could be helping produce campaigning toolkits, making videos, or even speaking at seminars.

your community, your activities

We will connect you with other members where you are, so you can get involved in local activities together and help develop Compass Youth where you are.

That could be in your region, university or even community group. It could be sharing advice and ideas about how to become a youth officer or student/trade union rep or even a councillor.

your ideas, your activities

We will provide the space for innovative ideas that influence government and practical solutions for our communities, and enable you to meet other members and shape what we do in the areas you are interested in.

This could be bringing an issue network together to build a campaign, working with other organisations on an issue or developing a manifesto for youth.

your voice, your compass youth

We want you to help us track emerging issues and unmet needs for young people and build campaigns around them. So if there's an issue or an activity we've forgotten about or an interesting campaign which is looking for support, then we'd love to hear from you.

Please click here to complete this survey so we can enable you to turn your ideas into action for a better world.

Your space for progressive soulmates

We have organised a range of international activities throughout the year. We have built links with comrades right across Europe, campaigning in national elections, speaking at rallies or organising local initiatives.

Compass Youth organised the International Youth Plenary at the 2007 Compass Conference, bringing delegates from different national youth organisations and comrades representing the International Union of Socialist Youth together to debate and educate about the role of youth movements in taking global action on issues common to young people worldwide.

We have also involved Compass Youth in campaigning for peace in the Middle East through our close work with One Voice, the fastest growing Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution group with over 350,000 grassroots members. We helped bring together sympathetic Compass MPs, grassroots NGOs and civic society organisations for a UK based rally and global video link up in support of One Voice.

Given that the progressive left is out of breath in Europe in the face of the increasing cultural hegemony of the right, it is critical that we work together on the ideas and the actions needed to deliver change.

We will build coalitions on key issues through a “global reach, local impact” approach. Every major issue (and solution) has global reach and every global issue has local impact. Through better networking with our "progressive soulmates" abroad, we can share learning on campaigning, finding local solutions to global issues and promoting a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people’s everyday lives. We are therefore keen and proud to participate in the consultation for the PES manifesto Your Space.


  • Work with PES activists to engage with young “progressive expats” here in the UK as the eyes and ears of their progressive parties back home while being accessible to join Compass Youth here, particularly in participating in the PES consultation Yourspace
  • Help LME to organise political integration initiatives like getting out the EU vote in the next London elections – sending out a message of integration to newcomers and tapping into a “hidden electorate” who are eligible to vote
  • Link Desirs d'Avenir to build on our campaign exchanges and develop learning exchanges/summer academies with SSU
  • Develop international campaigns on issues that cross borders, such as One Voice but also new links and partnerships that we build with the next generation of "progressive soulmates"
  • Enhance our campaign model and campaign with “progressive PES activist soulmates” so we can help each other win elections around Europe as well as prepare for the European elections in 2009.

...But most importantly, working with you, wherever you are, because it's your space. Come and dance, join the social democratic revolution and help us shape a better future.

Towards a progressive migration policy

For our second participative video debate, one of our members puts the case for campaigning for freedom of movement. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think, add a comment or fire back with a video of your own here.

Day of Action by Compass Youth and Trades Union, Searchlight, LYL and Young GMB

Saturday 20th October
Dagenham & Rainham and Barking Constituencies

Meet at the Labour Hall Tenterden Road from 10am

With the GLA Elections fast approaching its time to take action to stop the BNP making gains in Barking and Dagenham. As part of a national day of action London Young Labour, Local Trades Unions, Young GMB London Region, Labour Friends of Searchlight, Compass Youth, local MP's and activists from across London are joining the call to action!

Labour Hall is off Green Lane Dagenham – Nearest Tube Dagenham Heathway – District Line then 103 Bus to Green Lane. Activists will meet at 10am at Dagenham Heathway

Please see the attached flyer for full details, check out our facebook group, call Sam Tarry on 07971-819-830. Please circulate to all Trades Union, Labour and Anti-Fascist activists!

For further information on future Anti-Racism and Anti-BNP Activities in London contact London Young Labour Anti Racism Officer - Samuel Tarry

Give politics a face by giving you a voice

We want to make participation of young people in politics real, we make it visual, make it personal. We want to give politics a face by giving you a voice. This is why we are launching participative video debates. They will give you an opportunity to express your opinions, share your ideas and debate with others on the issues that matter most to you. We are hoping to produce a short film bringing together these video debates.

For our very first participative video debate, one of our members puts the case for involving the grassroots in shaping party manifestos. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Tell us what you think, add a comment or fire back with a video of your own here.

Palestinians and Israelis are taking to the streets to call for a viable two-state solution.

From London, you can be by their side - join Compass Youth and hundreds of other young progressives.

Join us to watch events live from Jericho and Tel Aviv via satellite link at:

The Friends Meeting House 173 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ

Date: Thursday 18th October, 2007

Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Contact: 0208 099 2423


For more information please visit

OneVoice is a grassroots, conflict resolution organisation run out of offices in Ramallah, Gaza City and Tel Aviv by Palestinians and Israelis respectively. It is a non-partisan, non-religious conflict-resolution organisation working to empower Palestinians and Israelis to pressure and support their leaders towards a sustainable two-state solution. The organization has international offices in London, New YorkOttawa responsible for fundraising and raising international awareness.

One voice is youth led, with the objective to push and support leaders towards implementing a mutually acceptable resolution. One Voice survey results have shown that 76% of Israelis and Palestinians would compromise towards a two state solution (other polls have put this figure higher), however the majority have lost trust in the resolution process and faith there is a partner for peace on the other side. One Voice aims to rebuild that trust by strengthening civil society capacity to push for change, so the agenda is representative of the will of the majority rather than subject to the minority of hardliners, spoilers and absolutists. That is why Compass Youth is proud to support the work of One Voice.