SYN and Compass Youth call for employers of Young Workers to COFUP

COFUP (COalition Fighting Unfair Pay) launch

Rally on the 24th July 7pm - 9pm
The platform includes:
Cllr Miranda Grell
Samuel Tarry (Compass Youth)
MarshaJane Thompson (Chair of SYN)
Bob Crow (General Secretary of the RMT)
John McDonnell MP
Rory MacQueen (GMB)
Angela Molloy (Regional Industrial Officer for T&G Region 1)
Lucinda Yeadon - invited (Chair of TUC Young Members Forum)
One of the main priorities of our campaign is to fight for all Labour councils to include a Living Wage in all procurement contracts and to make a Living Wage without exemptions the policy of the Labour Party at annual Conference.

This coalition, as far as we know, is being run by Socialist Youth Network at the moment. However, a couple of Compass Youth speakers will be at the launch, as Compass Youth has been running a campaign to the same ends for around a year, as evidenced by reading down!


marshajane said...

The COFUP campaign has a blog now

Please link to it.

Kit said...

Or, better yet,

blowing bubbles - everyday social democracy said...

See our proposals on fairer pay
* New Deal on Low Pay
* Opt in EU Working Time Directive
* Participation Income
* Standing Commission on the Quality of Working Life

Fairer pay also needs to form part of a wider package for a better work-life balance such as
* Workplace democracy and trade unions
* Rethinking public value and the hourglass economy
* Flexible working and the care sector

marshajane said...

Yep we have a website today - cheers for posting this here Tom.
(not sure what you meant by as far as you know because it is clearly as SYN campaign)

Of course weve all been working on this issue - which is why we need a campiagn to concentrate our efforts.

We are really happy to have a compass youth speaker on the platform and that we are working together on this important issue.

Lets concentrate on the fight on issues like this and what unites us rather than silly comments.

Hope to see you at the launch

Compass Youth Group said...

it is called a coalition. That does imply that more than one group is involved...