Adele Reyonolds: why I'm voting Cruddas #1

I never imagined myself voting for Jon Cruddas being someone that has never
identified with the left of the party. However I am and this is why. We
first met at an amicus event where I lobbied Jon in order to ensure that the
casino vote went Manchester’s way. I was instantly impressed by his affable
charm and humility. Not once was anything too much for Jon and he was always
ready to sit down and talk about whatever needed to be discussed. Add this
to an absolutely sparkling performance at the Manchester hustings.

Jon’s campaigning ability is fantastic and as a committed activist in
Manchester Labour I am proud to be backing him. His pledge to be a full time
deputy leader and represent the views of the party to the cabinet rather
than the other way round is so important. Jon knows that if we are not in
shape to defeat the Tories at the next election then nothing else is
important. Membership is falling; but he is fully committed to change and
has optimism that we can revive the party, shown by the fact that his
constituency has involved month on month membership increases.

His commitment to taking on the far right also impresses. And its not just
me that’s impressed. Graham Stringer the ex and incredibly talented leader
of Manchester City Council said of Jon, ‘I want Jon as Deputy because of his
commitment to reconnect the Party and see off the BNP, given his
track-record of effective campaigning against them in Dagenham.’

Politically Jon is the only person saying the right things. The only person
to realise that you can be so proud of 10 years of a Labour Government; but
still realise that we have got some things wrong. He is committed to the
anti social behavior legislation, tougher anti terror laws e.t.c. On all the
key new labour reforms he falls into line. However, he also realizes that
certain things have got to change. We must build more social housing. Right
to buy is an excellent policy; but the stock must be replaced. On rights for
temporary workers, again Jon is saying the right things. Triangulation can
only get you so far. There isn’t a choice between our heartlands or middle
England. Jon’s campaign is about being rooted in the communities that we
represent and engaging with them.

As a student, I want Jon representing the views of the party when the 2010
funding review comes up. I believe that the huge threat of debt is putting
off working class students from entering HE and that the policy must be
reviewed. I know that Jon shares that view.

I believe that Jon's humility, campaigning ability, enthusiasm,
communication ability, experience in a wide range of roles, MP, no 10, TU
official as well as his fantastic political analysis can help us to rebuild
the coalition that helped us to win by a landslide in 1997. Jon is from a
working class Irish catholic family, represents a heavily deprived
constituency and is labour through and through. Politics has moved on, the
country has moved on, now labour has to move on too.

And I am proud that Jon has the backing of the National President of NUS, my
own union UNITE and both its general secretaries as well as people like Tom
Watson and Kevin Maguire.

The thing that finally convinced me to back Jon was the way in which he has
changed the terms of debate. Getting away from muscular outbidding and onto
the issues that our supporters really care about. What Ken Livingstone said
in reference to Cruddas was so poignant, ‘I’m not living in fear of North
Korea; I am living in fear of a society where we don’t provide proper health
care, proper education, proper housing for so many of our people’. This is
the real agenda and that’s why as a labour club chair and Vice Chair of my
constituency, I’m proud to say I’m backing Jon.

Our parent organisation, Compass, is supporting Jon Cruddas for Deputy Leader. Adele writes in a personal capacity. Compass Youth members are welcome to share their own views on the leadership in a similarly personal capacity.


Anonymous said...

Could someone please spell my 2nd name correctly.

Jim said...

Great stuff, Adele.

essay writer said...

that is very persuasive..i totally agree with you.

Alex Sobel said...

Was that the event in Sheffield. I remember it well and the discussion we had, at that point I thought you wouldn't support Jon either. Welcome aboard

Anonymous said...

I remember that event funnily enough for the lack of water!