Compass Youth Day of Action

London Young Labour Day of Action against the BNP!

Saturday 3rd of March 2pm Barking

Barking Constituency Office 102 North Street

Make a stand against the growth of extremism; the growth of the racist fascist BNP in Labour heartlands!

· Labour needs to regain credibility with grass roots people in Barking and Dagenham, as well as exposing the racist and fascist BNP for what they are. We need to be intelligent and offer a future narrative to people about what future benefit a Labour Government will bring to them.

· Young Londoners are the future of the capital – it’s our responsibility to champion diversity and a day of campaigning will aim to re-ignite the local Labour party and show our solidarity.

The day will consist of:

· Door-to-door canvassing with local party members in BNP target wards

· Rebutting the lies - delivery of information to mitigate the recent racist and untrue literature delivered by the BNP to 70, 000 homes in Barking and Dagenham

· Running information stalls at Barking station and leafleting, similarly for some of the key tube stations in Dagenham and in the Town centres.

· An evening meal and debate with special guest speakers for those who have been out campaigning provided locally by local supporters at Mahal Tandoori.

Guest Speakers (TBC): - Jeremy Corbyn MP, Jon Cruddas MP, Councillor Liam Smith - Dagenham CLP,

Councillor Rocky Gill - Barking CLP, George Foulkes - Union activist and former Ford Motor plant shop steward,

Councillor Mohammed Azam - Burnley Unite.