Youth NEC rep questions:

Dear All,

As you may have heard, Labour's youth movement is currently conducting it's only national electoral process, the election of the NEC youth rep, which takes places every two years.

The Compass Youth group isn't going to back a candidate but I reckon it would be good to ask the candidates some questions and post the answers on the Compass youth blog, to help young Compass members and others can make up their own minds - based on some of the candidates policies and ideas.

Assuming they all overcome the initial nominations barriers, the three candidates are (in alphabetical order of sirname):

Daniel Carden:

Stephanie Peacock:

Cat Smith:

Please send Compass Youth your questions by leaving a comment with them here, by the end of Tuesday (23rd), and I'll get in touch with the candidates and hopefully get some answers, which we'll post on the blog.

In the interests of fairness, these should be questions we can ask to all three candidates rather questions for any one individual candidate - you can obviously pose specific questions to the individuals through their websites.


David Floyd
Compass Youth group


Garry Chick-Mackay said...

I'd be interested to hear the candidates opinions on Labour Party staff involvement in party democracy, particularly in reference to Neil Bibby's campaigning for the Blairite slate in last years NEC elections, but also more generally in internal elections and party conference.

I should add that although I am young enough for Compass Youth, I think I am too old for Young Labour, so I won't be voting myself.

Alan Scobbie, Manchester Labour Club said...

In light of recent financial problems with the party, how would you defend the role of the three full time sabbaticals officers of Labour Students based at HQ?

Anonymous said...

Considering that one of the candidates launched their career on question time, supporting the government position on tuition fees, what are the candidates views on this subject and funding for higher education?

Omar Salem said...

Young Londoner face problems ranging from a lack of affordable housing to higher unemployment than other parts of the country.

What will you do to represent Young Londoners on the NEC? How will you make sure than campaigns run by London Young Labour as listened to? How will you keep us up to date with your work on the NEC?

Omar Salem said...

What will you do to make sure internal Labour Party elections, such as that for NEC Youth Rep, are fair?

Kris Brown said...

Adding on from Alan Scobbie's point, as finances are so bad in the Party, there will be no provision available for a full time Youth Officer role. Therefore would the panel agree with me that Young Labour must be made autonomous of the Labour Party, like Labour Students and the old LPYS so that organisation and funraising can be done seperately?

Kris Brown said...

Just to clarify previous point:

I'm not suggesting that we go back to a situation like the LPYS - I understand the arguments on why the LPYS was shut down - it became too militant. LPYS was just used as an example of autonomy.

Jacob Hunt Stewart said...

All three candidates have talked about the democratisation of national young labour, how would they go about doing this?

darren hayes said...

If it's not too late, I'd like to ask the candidates what experience they have of running a Young Labour group that could help them support & develop YL groups in other parts of the country?

Nick said...

Will you promise that a proposal for a new democratic structure of Young Labour will go to the full NEC in time to be tabled as an NEC proposed rule change at Annual Conference 2007?

Anonymous said...

Here Here!

el tom said...

I would like to ask two things. Number 1: How would you safeguard the paid positions held by Labour Students and 2: How would you make Young Labour into a recognisably open, democratic and active organisation (with stress placed upon openness and democracy in my question).

All followed by a big fat '?'