Hi, this is the new handy-dandy Compass Youth blog. If anyone is a young Compass member and is interested in writing, drop me a line. You can get hold of me through my profile on here, if you need it; I am more than wary when it comes to publishing my email addy.

We are running a mailing list too. If you are a member of Compass who is under 31, you are automatically part of the Compass youth 'organisation', although it is in its preliminary phase. If you share the values of the modern non-revolutionary left, you may want to consider joining Compass. Its excellent value, just for the thinkpieces!

We have some campaigns coming up, of which we will inform y'all closer to the time.

In the meantime, watch this space for news, view, campaigns and events from the youth of the democratic left.

Tom Miller
Compass member


Garry Chick-Mackay said...

Under 31 is 'youth' now?

This would make me a Compass Youth member - do you know if Compass is planning to tell us about this? Do they even have our dates of birth?

Compass Youth Group said...

Compass does not have access to information regarding the age of its members or their date of births. That information is not asked for when people Join so Compass will never have that information. The onus to be involved in CompassYouth is completely on those who actively want to be and are under 31. Altho I have to admit I thought the age was lower than that but I dont think it matters at the moment seeing as, like Tom said, CompassYouth is in its early throws of lefty life and formalities are yet to be established!

blowing bubbles - everyday social democracy said...

We are organising the fourth of our very popular EUROPA-Soirées

The Polish Voter, 21st November

More than 400,000 people from the new Member States have come to work in the UK since 2004. The debate about this has focussed on the economic impact, but what about the political impact? EU citizens have the right to vote in local, regional and European elections. So with London Mayor elections on the horizon, what can Labour do to appeal to the UK's hidden electorate?

Come and join us for an evening of fun and informal discussion. A brief introduction to the topic will start at 7pm on Tuesday 21st November, although we’ll be gathering for a drink before that.

Please note the location for the EUROPA-Soirée: The Plumbers Arms, 14 Lower Belgrave St, London, SW1W 0LN – close to Victoria Rail / Underground stations. [MAP]

The event is free to attend, but it would be good if you could let us know if you plan to come – fill in the online form, or send an e-mail to europasoiree@lme-lse.org.uk

Best Regards,

Noel Hatch